The 12 Naughty Habits of Losing Traders

Before you even think about trading, take inventory of your trading habits to make sure you do not have any of these naughty habits.

At SafeDay Trading, our main concern is YOUR success. That’s why we want you to make sure you are not practicing habits that made it to the Naughty List!

Here is a list of 12 traits on the naughty list.

  1. Failing to practice trades in a paper account before going live.
  2. Trading without a stop loss.
  3. Trading for the sake of trading – Be Patient
  4. Trading with a lot size that’s too large for your account size.
  5. Trading the news and neglecting the technicals.
  6. Fighting the market trends because you want to be “right.”
  7. Obsessing over every tick or pip instead of looking at the big trading picture.
  8. Never sticking to a strategy for more than 100 trades.
  9. Blaming everyone but yourself for trading losses.
  10. Chasing the market instead of predicting the direction.
  11. Greed, NOT taking the profit when you have it.
  12. Neglecting a balanced lifestyle and watching your trades suffer because of it.

The SafeDay Trading Objectives:
Our Goal is to provide traders with a complete step by step day trading program filled with proven strategies and  techniques for maximum profits.

We want to provide new traders with precise instruction, real life
application and living examples to make your transition from novice to a
proficient day trader a snap.

We will start by providing the new student with very basic
information and build to the point of how to make real trades with
precision and consistent profit.

If your goal is to make significant money trading stock options SafeDay Trading will show you how.

If your goal is to make consistent bread and butter trades trading the futures and commodities market, we will show you the finest path to get there.

Make yours a profitable day,

Dr. David