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Welcome To SafeDay Trading!

-- a letter from Dr. Dave, Don & Mark, creators of SafeDay Trading.

Thank you for visiting SafeDay Trading and we hope you find your experience here informative, educational and fun!

SafeDay Trading was created to help you understand the truth about day trading, what it is, how to trade and more you can use trading as a means to reach and exceed your financial dreams.

What you won't find here is the hype and circus act you may find elsewhere in trading educational programs.  We are traders ourselves and only wish we had the content we provide you through the SafeDay Trading educational program when we first started.  It would have greatly reduced our learning pain, saved us quite a bit of time & money and gave us the good trading habits needed to be consistently successful in day trading.

We invite you to learn what SafeDay Trading is all about and come to your own conclusion if day trading is for you.  The best way to do this is sign up for our FREE SafeDay Trading Mini-Course (see above form).   This free course is actually a real time look inside the full SafeDay Trading educational program!  You'll gain access to actual training content and see for yourself how SafeDay Trading will help you become a successful day trader.

Don't let anyone kid you, there is no better way to evaluate a day trading course but by actually seeing, experiencing and learning from the actual course itself.  Matter of fact, the content we give you for free through the SafeDay Trading Mini-Course is more robust and of higher educational value than most other trading courses that charge high fees!

As you evaluate SafeDay Trading you may have questions.  We hope you do! Please don't hesitate to contact us at:   We'd love to talk to you and help you understand how day trading can fit in your financial life!

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you as a SafeDay Trading Student!

Dr. Dave, Don and Mark

This Is Your Answer To Achieving Financial Independence...

Inside Our Exclusive Virtual Trading Classroom

  • Trading Education & the SafeDay Trading DOT System

    If you want to be a successful Day Trader who trades Stocks, Options, Futures or Commodities…look no more, you've come to the right place. You'll gain access to our SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom giving you basic and advanced trading education, the SafeDay Trading DOT System and other needed resources to help you achieve consistent daily trading profits.

  • Ongoing Education Library

    Your trading education doesn't stop after you learn the basics.  Unlike other trading programs, we want you to continue to hone your trading skills. You'll receive our exclusive Trading Library full of videos, documents, webinars and podcasts giving you additional trading insight that helps you become the successful day trader you deserve to be.

  • Trading Tools & Resources

    Once you gain access to the SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom, not only do you get basic & advanced trading information and the exclusive SafeDay Trading Dot System, you also gain access to numerous resources including FAQ's, Economic News, Chart Analysis, additional online trading resources and more!

Want to learn on the run?

Access the SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom from your favorite mobile device.

  • Learn how to day trade no matter where you are located.
  • Advance through the course when and where you want.
  • Learn on your coffee and lunch breaks!
  • Sign up today and start learning how to day trade with confidence.

SafeDay Trading Education & Trading DOT System

View The Video Below To See the SafeDay Trading DOT In Action!

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Basic to Advanced Coursework

SafeDay Trading Education

As as student of SafeDay Trading, you'll progress from Freshman to Graduate in online coursework that is designed to not overwhelm you but rather teach, demonstrate and ensure you retain the content to help you become a profitable day trader.  You will be challenged in the undergraduate content and rewarded for your success!

An Unique Trading System

SafeDay Trading DOT

Let's face it...there's a "ton" of so-called trading systems available to you.  We don't blame you for being skeptical of this or any trading system.  However, understand a trading system is no good unless you understand how to trade first.  Upon graduating from the SafeDay Trading Education coursework, you'll be ready to use the SafeDay Trading DOT system and see how easy it is to trade with confidence.

Ongoing Trading Education

SafeDay Trading Library

There is no chance that once you complete and become a graduate of the SafeDay Trading coursework that you'll be dumped on your own.  Rather, you'll continue to have access to the SafeDay Trading Library giving you a vast array of trading content that includes videos, documents, webinars, podcasts and more.

A Trader's Tool Chest

SafeDay Trading Tools

A successful Day Trader does not rely on just one source of information to become successful. SafeDay Trading Tools allows you to continue your trading education so you become well-rounded in trading theories, chart analysis, economic news and other online resources.

Listen In, Follow Along

SafeDay Eavesdrop Trading

Wouldn't it be great if you could listen in to top traders and learn first hand how they day trade...LIVE!  As a SafeDay Trading student, you are eligible to listen in as the top traders of SafeDay Trading trade live on Gold, Natural Gas, and Oil. You will eavesdrop in their conversations REAL time as they discuss what trades they get in, discussing exact entry and exit points, targets, stop placement etc.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Real Comments From Real Students

Robert T.

I just wanted to say thank you. I'm in my fourth week of training and I already KNOW I am going to be a profitable trader thanks to you. I have followed the training and videos and now it seems obvious when to enter a trade and when to exit. I only wish I had found you sooner.

Robert T.

Safe Day Trading is a system, to me you have made trading as logical as you can. You have made it simple by putting everything together so I know what I am looking for when I am trading to make good profitable trades.


How is my day trading going? Well, thanks to your program I have learned it is not all about the technical part, candles, SMAs, Fibonacci, etc. The biggest improvement, thanks to your program, I've made is due to controlling my emotions and learned to be patient.

Barry M.

 My paper trading is going well. Im up $340 today on oil.  I'm making money every day paper trading for over 4 days in a row. I'm getting better finding those perfect set ups. I find myself placing my stops prematurely at times.  Over all I'm confident I will make money when I go live. Everything you teach makes sense, the more I Paper Trade. I look forward to a million trades and more in the future. Thank you so much.

Barry M.
Jeff Q.

Thank you very much for your input, your insights, and your expertise. Everyone should know what you guys are teaching. It's awesome and authentic! I would love to be able to help teach this to others. Last week trading was tough, but admittedly I hadn't understand the material thoroughly enough. So I decided to review weeks one and two again over the weekend. That helped a lot and this week I'm up about $1300 total for Monday and Tuesday (only trading /CL...had to tell somebody!)


Jeff Q.

I hope I'm not annoying you with my emails. Just wanted to let you know I've had a successful week trading.  I'm up $360 for 6 trades today. All winning trades. The smallest profit was $40.(But like you say "You'll never go broke taking a profit")

James D.

Your SafeDay Trading course is the bomb diggity! Worth more than GOLD! And your course won't lose value like gold does!

James D.

I have been profitable for the last six trading days (hope I didin't just jinx myself!). I sometimes lose a hundred on my first 2 or 3 trades of the day because I'm too eager to trade, instead of waiting for the perfect setup. But I'm learning and I have still been able to meet my goal of #300 to $1,000 per day (9am-12pm EST)


Craig C.

I have to say the Safe Day Trading course is excellent and very professionally done!


Craig C.

SafeDay Trading Educational Program

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  • FREE access to the actual SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom, Library & Resources.
  • Receive highly valued trading content, numerous videos and other resources that other programs charge recieve for FREE!
  • Gives you an inside, real time look at the SafeDay Trading educational program so you know exactly what you'll learn as a SafeDay Trading Student.
  • Multiple videos of the SDT DOT in action – showing how it works- Day Trading, Swing Trading, Commodities, Forex, Stocks, Options.
  • Invitation to join a SafeDay Trading Eavesdrop Live Trading Session FREE
  • Discover the rewarding world of Day Trading and how to make "Any-Time" Money
  • Take this opportunity and invest in yourself, see if day trading is right for you...all for FREE!

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SafeDay Trading
Full Course

  • Full access to the SafeDay Trading Educational Coursework, Library & Resources for one full year.
  • If you wish to continue as a SafeDay Trading student after your first year, access is only $29.95/month. Cancel anytime.
  • Full access to the SafeDay Trading DOT indicator, an exclusive and propriatory indicator for SafeDay students only!
  • Gain access to Eavesdrop Trading where you'll listen in to the SafeDay Trading traders make live calls. Join them if you wish!
  • Join the SafeDay Trading community & forum to discuss and gain insight on trading strategies from SafeDay Trading instructors and other students.
  • Upon graduation, become eligible for one-on-one training and the Masters graduate trading program.

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If you are not completely satisfied with this program within 2 weeks of your purchase, you can forfeit your membership in the SafeDay Trading program and receive a complete 100% refund.

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